Quote on Table

Quote on Table 3.X

Quote Display on Desktop

Quote on Table software program is a simple desktop application that displays quotation, some funny while some are inspiring, on your computer's desktop.

This software allows you to display quotes and inspiring messages that automatically change with specified time intervals. Quote on Table will give you a reason to smile about at work or some words of wisdom to get you through the day to display on your desktop.

The software package contains thousands of quotes from movies, citations from famous people, jokes, interesting facts, business quotes, proverbs, words of wisdom, old sayings, love quotes and more.

You will never run out of quotes to display. Quote on Table is fully customizable and intuitive to use. Users can adjust the time interval of the change of quotes on your desktop, be it per hour, per day, per minute, whatever you wish for, really.

This program is a shareware that is easy to use, with no special skill required to operate. It is easy to install and uninstall. This application is suitable to work with Windows XP or Vista platforms only.